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On/Off Community

On/Off Community

An on/off community is ideal for solving a comprehensive and clearly defined issue, such as a customer journey research, in a few weeks.

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On/Off Community

After completion of the issue, the community remains exclusively available for follow-up research indefinitely. For example, to test whether the insights have been successfully translated into new product or communication concepts.

An on/off community is characterized by a high degree of customization:

  • A specific target group will be recruited for the issue
  • The design of the platform is tailored to the topic of discussion and the target audience

An on/off community is reactive. That means members are activated when there is a new issue from the client. To keep members engaged, we recommend inviting them to think about an issue at least once a month.

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Getting started with an on/off community?

Frederieke van Leeuwen
Business Lead Marketing Strategy
Frederieke van Leeuwen