Communication Research

Communication Research

Shaping, sharpening or making your communications strategy more successful?

But with the help of communication research, you ensure:

  • The right basis for effective communication with your target audience
  • Better results thanks to a well-founded communication strategy
  • Using your budget most effectively

Communication research Blauw Research
Communication Research

In your communication strategy, you address the question of how and which communication you reach your target audience with and which link can best be used for this purpose. You describe which message you want to communicate with which means, at which moment you will do that and with which target group.

By now we know - and communication research has shown - that consumers do not determine their behavior based on knowledge and then attitude, but it is often the other way around: behavior-attitude-knowledge. In nine out of ten cases, you do something and then start thinking about it or trying to explain it when asked about it.

That is exactly the way we ideally set up our communication research. We map the actual behavior of consumers. Using data from both quantitative and qualitative research, we gather the insights you need to shape, sharpen or make your communications strategy more successful. For example, we do:

  • Research into the (potential) success of a campaign or specific expressions
  • PR research to strengthen your company's reputation
  • Brand awareness and Image research to determine the insight into the image of your organization or brand and take it as the basis of tactical and strategic decisions: Which competitors are most similar to your organization? What image do customers and non-customers have of your company? And what potential effect does a specific campaign have on this?

Communication research is essential in determining your strategy

Consumers are discerning and have many choices. They often orient themselves online and share and read experiences there. However, choice behavior is not always rational. A significant part of our behavior is automatic and based on emotion, and that is exactly what we are researching at Blauw.

The consequences of the insights we uncover with our communication and brand research can have quite an impact on existing KPIs and thus on the entire company. But it is necessary for your company to become and remain successful.

‍Whatresearch approach is right for me?

At Blauw you can go for the most diverse types of market research; qualitative, quantitative or 'best of both worlds' through a community. We also work with both explicit and more rational as well as implicit and more intuitive research methods. Sure to get the information you need to achieve your communication and marketing goals? Submit your question to us, we will gladly advise you on which method best suits your needs.

Wondering which form of communication research is right for you?

Nicole Remmers
Research Consultant Communications
Nicole Remmers