Content test

A content test is the solution to quickly and easily test your content. With help of the content test, you can test various expressions and type of media, such as: websites, e-mails, brochures, flyers and letters.

The content test has been optimized through years of experience with various clients. Because of this, there is no need for you to worry about the method or about our processes and you can test your content from €1345,-.

The right target audience

We select the right people from your target audience and propose your content to 100 respondents. They judge your content based on a number of criteria, causing you to see how well your content scores. In addition to this, they indicate what is unclear and why.

Online dashboard

As soon as the first respondents react you can directly track the results in our online dashboard and get to work with your improvements. We translate the feedback to concrete recommendations, in order for you to directly improve your content.

The questionnaire for the content test had been optimized completely and we test your content on:

  • Delivering the message
  • Clarity
  • Legibility
  • Length
  • Unanswered questions
  • Positive and negative aspects (heatmap)

Want to know more about the SPRINT Content Test?

Campagne onderzoek McDonald's

McDonald's campaign video tested within 24 hours

McDonald’s is keen to treat people to a feel-good moment. They wanted to create a campaign video centring on a personal story. But after developing the campaign, they wondered whether the images were too dark for this time of year. Weren’t they more suited to the winter season and Christmas? They also had doubts about the music. There was no time to lose, so McDonald’s got in touch with SPRINT. We sprang into action, asked the target audience what they thought of the campaign, and presented the results within 24 hours.