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Online concept test and pre-test for optimal TV commercial

Sell your own car online for free. Or buy a used or new car, bicycle, motorhome, caravan or motorcycle? Would you also like free advice from a 'choice coach'? You can find it all on But how can you as a consumer know that offers these services on their website? Right, through an advertising campaign that clearly communicates this.

Challenge started as an initiative of BOVAG as a used car and motorcycle sales site. Meanwhile, the site is being transformed into a platform where you can go for everything in the field of mobility. The plan is to offer multiple services in phases. To involve consumers in this change, developed a TV campaign together with an advertising agency. A TV commercial launching the new concept was followed by more specific spots focusing on the services the site will offer. During various phases of campaign development, Blauw investigated how the commercials were appreciated and understood and provided tips for optimizing the campaign.



Qualitative concept test for honing TV commercials

Blauw evaluated the campaign in two phases. To test the first concepts, we started talking to people online. During these online in-depth interviews, we got individual responses to the concepts and got answers to the questions:

  • How does the commercial come across to people?
  • Is the message clear to consumers?

During the interviews, we further paid attention to initial reactions, understanding of the message, appreciation of the commercial and discussed possible optimization points. watched anonymously to get a good feel for the reaction of the target group. The concepts were well received and after a few refinements of the idea, the various TV commercials were further developed and recorded.

Qualitative pre-test campaign

Before the first TV commercial could be launched in the spring, wanted a final check to see if everything was correct. Based on a pre-test or "disaster check," thus received advice on minor adjustments they could still make. Think of shortening the voice-over or adjusting the lighting. Speed of examination is then very important. For we therefore organized 8 online in-depth interviews in one day, again with the possibility of watching along. At the end of the research day there was a short verbal debrief and could get to work with the advertising agency on fine-tuning the TV commercial. Shortly thereafter, the TV commercial could go live.


What is the impact of the campaign on consumers?

By involving and questioning the target group through qualitative research from campaign development to finalizing the TV commercials, got a good sense of the impact of the campaign on consumers. It was immediately apparent that the campaign had a positive effect on the image The commercial appeals, inspires and clearly communicates the message that it is a broad platform where you can go for more than just cars. is off to a good start!

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Dori van Rosmalen
Dori van Rosmalen