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Keeping a finger on the pulse of your customers in uncertain times

Changes are coming to the pension system in 2026. This was the reason for Cardano to once again enter into discussions with its customers about their services. Especially in these times of change, Cardano wants to provide its customers with extra service and get through the transition phase as well as possible. The insights from our customer satisfaction survey provide Cardano with leads to strengthen its customer relationship.


Cardano operates in the pension industry, helping pension funds and insurers manage their risks. Just like 5 years ago, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey for Cardano by interviewing customers. Especially in these times of change, Cardano finds it important to keep a finger on the pulse with customers and to know what is on their minds.


To get a good idea of customers' experiences with Cardano's services, we spoke with two key stakeholders within their customer base, namely:

  • CEOs/Chief Investment Oficers
  • Pension fund trustees.


Both groups of stakeholders belong to the C-level, for whom Blauw has developed the Business Lounge. These are discussions held by our senior researchers with a consultancy profile, allowing for a high-level exchange of views and with plenty of room for input from the clients themselves.

In order to be a full discussion partner at this level, in the -complicated world of risk management, an expert session was organized beforehand in which topics such as Cardano's services, the vocabulary in this niche, the upcoming changes in the pension world and the general trends and developments in the market were discussed. A plenary kick-off with account managers ensured that all clients with the same background information would be invited to the survey.


The customer satisfaction survey gave Cardano a good picture of where customers stand in relation to the upcoming changes and what customers expect from Cardano. For Cardano, great starting points to strengthen the relationship with their customers.

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Maarten van den Broek
Maarten van den Broek