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The final step before the store shelf: product test of Kruidvat's new washable diapers

When launching any new product, you strive for success. Thorough testing before the final launch helps you ensure that success. For Kruidvat, we investigated how parents and their young children experienced (a prototype of) new washable diapers. Based on the feedback from the in-home use test (IHUT), a realistic use test, the finishing touches were added to this new product. The results were shared in an online research community.

IHUT research Kruidvat


A.S. Watson, parent company of Kruidvat and others, has designed a user-friendly washable diaper that is now available in stores. An important stop in the design process is testing how the product, in this case a prototype, resonates with potential customers. By first testing the product extensively using the IHUT method, the diapers can be improved and better fit the user's needs.


IHUT method: a user test among parents

We sent 59 parents the prototype of the new washable diapers with accompanying instructions. For 2 weeks we asked parents who already had experience with washable diapers from other brands and parents without this experience to try the washable diapers and share their experiences on an online community. On this platform they could share their experiences with Blauw's researchers and with each other in the form of a diary with videos, photos and reports .

The parents saw and could respond to each other's reactions and did just that: they interacted, asked each other questions and shared tips. This provided us with many insights about ease of donning, fit and comfort. But also about ease of use and interest in the product. And the Kruidvat project team was able to read along!  


Qualitative insights from test products

Every study has its own challenges, and this is no different for an in home use test. In an IHUT, you send out large-scale test products to the target audience. It is important to have motivated participants who can offer qualitative insights. You need to make sure that people will actually use the test product. Blauw's experienced moderators ensure that participants feel called to engage with each other as well. In addition, we have many loyal and trusted members in our community who we are sure will participate.


Green light for the store shelf

In total, we collected feedback and input from 59 parents. Users experienced the prototype as a very nice product, and also gave some final points of improvement (in terms of absorbency and connection, for example). Other hidden needs also became clear to Kruidvat, for example in terms of clear instructions and the desire to be able to share tips with other users. And unexpectedly, we also tested some new designs. Because an online community is a very flexible method. Thanks to these insights, Kruidvat was able to launch its new washable diapers with confidence!

Is your product ready for the store shelf? Test it with an IHUT!

"The IHUT survey gave us immediate insight into the customer experience. We received very valuable and instructive insights to optimally develop our new product."
Christian Schelle
Product Manager

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