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Which products can Almhof successfully bring to the Dutch market in the coming years?

Suppose some of your products are already sold on foreign shelves. Now you have to decide which of those products you want to introduce in the Netherlands in the next three years. And in what order. This was the problem facing Müller, known for its Almhof dairy brand, among others. Blauw investigated this using a concept screener and a thorough turf analysis. In this way Müller discovered with which plan it will reach the most customers and sell the most products.


Add new products to your assortment

Almhof wanted to draw up a 3-year plan, in which it adds new products to the Dutch assortment step by step. But for which products is there room in the Dutch market? What are the favorite flavors of Dutch consumers? And which combination of products will lead to the most sales in the Netherlands?


Concept screener: comparing KPIs

First, we used our concept screener. For Müller, this test consisted of an online questionnaire. We administered it to a group of Dutch consumers between the ages of 18 and 50 who eat or drink dairy products at least twice a week. The participants were shown a picture and description of a product concept each time during the test. For each image we asked the consumers a number of questions. These questions come from our benchmark database and have also been submitted to thousands of consumers in the past about hundreds of other products. Such as:

  • Do you think this product looks attractive?
  • Would you buy this product in the supermarket?
  • Do you think this product fits Müller or Almhof?

Which combination of dairy products lead to the most sales in the long run?

After the concept screener, it was time for a TURF analysis, Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. The experts from team Product Development examined which combination of dairy products would lead to the most sales in the long run. For example, the Dutch public's most favorite product was clear: a Choco-Caramel Cookie milkshake. But it did not necessarily follow that this product, combined with a second similarly favorite product (e.g., a Salty Caramel milkshake) would automatically lead to more sales. Indeed, perhaps these customers would continue to choose the Choco-Caramel Cookie milkshake and ignore the second similar product in the store. If so, it would be smarter for Müller to introduce a rice dessert, for example. There she might appeal to an entirely new, and therefore in total larger, target group. And that would then ultimately lead to more sales.


Product-market combinations to reach as many consumers as possible

We were able to divide the participants in this study into a number of profiles of "types of people. For example, there was a fairly young group profile, between the ages of 18-25, who would clearly buy more milkshakes than people over the age of 25.

We researched what profile is attracted with each of Müller's unique products. Based on that, we were able to recommend a strong combination and sequence of products. With that combination, Müller will most likely reach as many profiles and thus consumers as possible.


Based on hard data launched introduction of Choco-Caramel Cookie milkshake

Müller received all the results and recommendations in a clear report. This allowed the dairy brand to quickly make smart choices regarding which products and in what order to introduce them in the Netherlands over the next three years. The start was made with the introduction of a delicious Choco-Caramel Cookie milkshake.

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