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As a brand, how do you maximize your position within the category?

Remia sells chip sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, curry, satay sauce, barbecue sauces, salad dressing and more. No other brand within the category operates in so many different product groups. From this unique position, the brand wants to continue to grow. Consumer research is needed to understand the opportunities and challenges to this end for each product group.


Where are opportunities and challenges by product group to grow?

With so many different products in so many different (sub)categories, the question is where to start. We started, as we always recommend, with a broad open qualitative exploration of how sauce is bought and what choices are driven by.


The qualitative exploration consisted of a combination of community research and accompanied shoppings. This combination taught us from which need and in which context sauce is bought and how the situation on the store floor (unconsciously) influences the choices made.

How do sauces differ from each other and what opportunities does this create?

After the qualitative phase, there was a need to put consumer stories into even better perspective.

  • How big are opportunities that emerged from the initial exploratory research phase?
  • What is unique to certain sauces and, conversely, what are the similarities?

To answer these questions, the insights were validated through quantitative research.

In this study, we identified both the needs surrounding the use of sauce and the buying process. After profiling how which sauce is bought by whom, we did a deep dive for each respondent on the buying process of the last sauce purchased.

For example, through a Customer Decision Tree (CDT) assignment, we gained insight into the consumer's "choice tree. This way Remia knows exactly what to focus on to help consumers choose the right product.


An action workshop to identify, concretize and prioritize opportunities

The research yielded an abundance of data. To unlock opportunities from it, we concluded the process with a collaborative action workshop. In this workshop:

  1. Identified opportunities based on the insights gained from the research.
  2. We concretized what actions Remia could take to capitalize on these opportunities. In this, 'the sky is the limit' and we don't dwell on what is or isn't feasible.
  3. We prioritized the conceived actions for impact and feasibility. Thus, we reduced the resulting dreams to a concrete plan.


The result: the abundance of data no longer holds any secrets for Remia, and the insights were translated into concrete next steps for product development, shopper activation and the category plan.

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Frederieke van Leeuwen
Frederieke van Leeuwen