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Transavia conjoint research: shorter 'turn-around-time' on the ground results in higher returns

To gain more control over baggage flows, Transavia, like the other airlines, is going to charge a fee for carrying luggage in the cabin. But what is a reasonable fee? To determine this, we conducted a conjunct survey among travelers for Transavia.


Conjunct research transavia


Quick boarding is crucial for airlines, as shorter turn-around time on the ground results in higher efficiency. However, loading carry-on luggage takes precious time, as there is always more supply than space in the cabin, resulting in placing some to the hold at the last minute before departure.


Transavia, like other airlines, is therefore going to charge a fee for taking luggage in the cabin. Through a conjunct study, we provided insight into the value of taking luggage in the cabin compared to other factors such as weight and the cost of checked baggage.


For travelers, there are significant differences in types of trips they take and how they view paying for luggage. For example, the difference on a city trip or sun vacation.


These insights provide Transavia with sufficient leads to make informed decisions for its baggage policy and to further optimize their portfolio.

Through a conjunct study, Blauw assisted us in the decision-making process surrounding the introduction of Full Paid Hand Baggage in combination with offering checked baggage, considering both weight and price. We look back on a pleasant cooperation with a focus on achieving the best results.
Annette Gelens
Sr. Business Developer Product & Proposition

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