Which storyboard should Aleve choose for its TV advertisement?


Pharmaceuticals company Bayer is the owner of a number of brands, one of which is Aleve Select 275. You may well know Aleve as an analgesic for people with complaints including back pain. The brand wants to use a new TV advert to influence the choices people with back pain make on the pain killers they use to treat it. Aleve Select 275 made two different storyboards for the advert, sketches of how it would eventually look, including the message it wanted to convey. SPRINT conducted research within 24 hours to see which storyboard best activated the target group.

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Storyboards are key sketched representations of scenes or shots that are to be seen in a film or, in this case, a TV advert. These scenes are conceived in outline before actual actors and a film crew go to a location for the shoot. When testing a sketch like this in advance, you are sure that the final commercial will have the intended aim. That is to say: activation of as many consumers as possible. With the test results it is possible to make adjustments to your storyboard where necessary; that will no doubt help you save extra costs in terms of film and advertising that don't have the desired result.

Commercial test

Aleve Select 275 wanted to be certain that it would go for the particular storyboard that would lead to the best results. So Aleve chose to do a commercial test; that way, the sketches could be tested in an instant.

Testing storyboards among consumers

Generally speaking, the pictures on the two storyboards were the same although the wording, message and claims that Aleve Select 275 had linked to the pictures were different. In order to find out which of the two would be the better option, SPRINT sent an on-line questionnaire for each sketch separately. 100 consumers who fitted the bill for the Aleve target group, people with back pain complaints, were surveyed for each questionnaire.

On-line questionnaire and calls to action

Each respondent got to see sketches of one of the two storyboards via the on-line questionnaire, along with a number of questions about it.

  • Are the pictures appealing?
  • What do they think about the message and claims that are being conveyed?
  • Does the message come across effectively?
  • Is it clear that the advert is about Aleve Select 275?
  • Which CTA at the end of the advertisement best encourages participants to consider buying the pain killers?

The campaign dashboard was ready in the SPRINT platform within 24 hours.

What did Aleve learn from testing the storyboard?

With the test results Aleve Select 275 was able to discover, firstly, which storyboard, plus message and claims, was most likely to activate consumers. In that way, the test helped Aleve Select 275 to make informed choices and improve one of the storyboards. And, as a result, the brand was able to use the best possible storyboard, using the feedback, to develop a cast-iron commercial.

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