Case study: Menzis scrum team strategy


Menzis is one of the four largest healthcare insurance providers in the Netherlands, with more than 2.25 million customers in 2016 alone. Maintaining clear communication with their audience is an important part of their success, as Menzis know they need to consistently and effectively communicate with their target group.

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Menzis utilised the scrum methodology for the first time during a final year campaign. When they approached SPRINT, they were pursuing the testing of campaign statements and adjusting to fit the scrum methodology. We worked with the Menzis scrum team using a multidisciplinary approach that began with gathering customer feedback and resulted in testing updated versions of content in just 24 hours. Here’s how we did it…

The challenge: great pace, little time

To develop and implement their final year campaign as effectively and efficiently as possible, Menzis had chosen to use the scrum method.

However, the scrum team had reached a point where they wanted to test different parts of the campaign during development, but with little time to test, adjust and re-test due to the momentum of the scrum – they needed some assistance from SPRINT. Our challenge was to help their team meet a fast-approaching deadline.

The first project with SPRINT went very well. Our campaign scrum team had little time to integrate customer feedback. In one day, SPRINT helped us to get the right customer insights so we could quickly optimise our campaign.”
Rike Quist Communication Advisor, Menzis

Our approach

SPRINT organised a day in which Menzis and Anderzorg customers (both health insurance providers) were invited to provide qualitative input on the campaign’s components.

Within a 10 hour timeline, different iterations of the campaign were performed with the quality of customer input interchanged with optimisation sessions lead by creative teams. This included both the agency and the freelance writer involved with Menzis’ campaign.

With quick progress, adjusted versions could be tested immediately among a target group. Meanwhile, the campaign team could make significant progress with both the direct mail and homepage aspect of the campaign within a day. Insights gained from this process could also be used in subsequent campaigns.

Topline output

During the day of intense customer research on the Menzis campaign, results revealed:

  • If the tone of voice was appropriate
  • If the message was clear
  • Which parts were understandable, and which were not
  • How the customer experienced the visual display
  • Which elements (text and visual) could be optimised
  • How the mailing could be better clarified.

Unique result

By gaining customer feedback during the actual development process, Menzis could create communication material that was effectively targeted to their customer and the customer’s needs. Additionally, they could adjust their campaign material to address the customer exactly how they want to be addressed… and this progress was all achieved in just one day of sprinting!