McDonald's campaign video tested within 24 hours


McDonald’s is keen to treat people to a feel-good moment. They wanted to create a campaign video centring on a personal story. But after developing the campaign, they wondered whether the images were too dark for this time of year. Weren’t they more suited to the winter season and Christmas? They also had doubts about the music. There was no time to lose, so McDonald’s got in touch with SPRINT. We sprang into action, asked the target audience what they thought of the campaign, and presented the results within 24 hours.

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Campagne onderzoek McDonald's

Above all, McDonald’s wanted to know what the consumer thought of two aspects of the campaign video. To find out, SPRINT put out an online questionnaire consisting of standard questions plus several extra questions. Over 200 participants, selected from the general Dutch public, completed the questionnaire.

Campaign research with Ad Test

Organisations can complete an application form for an Advert Test via the SPRINT platform. SPRINT sees to it that the research is carried out within 24 hours. A tool for performing all sorts of checks on promotional materials, such as videos, has been developed for this platform. These processes are automated and connected to a standard questionnaire. After receiving McDonald’s application at 5 pm, we rapidly put out the questionnaire. But first we added several extra questions to get clear answers about what the participants thought of the commercial’s seasonal setting and the music. As McDonald’s was hesitating between two musical options, we put both campaign versions to the participants.

Typical questions that are answered via an Ad Test include:

  • Does your target audience understand the message?
  • What elements are viewed repeatedly?
  • Does your advert achieve its purpose?
  • How could you communicate your message even better?

Using an online dashboard, all results and insights are automatically analysed and presented in a clear manner.

What were the outcomes of the Advert Test for McDonald’s?

At McDonald's we regularly use SPRINT to double check upcoming campaigns. SPRINT acts very quickly and the research results are key in providing decisive information to optimize our campaign materials.”
Eelco van Dijk Senior Research Analyst McDonald's

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