Case study: Tele2 market research


Tele2 is a European telecommunications operator, providing homes with mobile, internet and television services. Tele2 aim to regularly conduct market research to determine they are pursuing the right strategy, particularly with the input of customer feedback. Tele2 presented SPRINT with a challenge regarding their positioning.

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They made several propositions aimed at improving the communication of their positioning in the market, and asked SPRINT to test those statements in a short timeframe using agile market research. They wanted this feedback to come specifically from a group of mobile users in the Netherlands. As experts in agile market research, we started immediately…

Our approach

We decided to use a specific agile research method known as the Prioritiser. The basis of this method is the MaxDiff technique. Basically, we ask consumers what they see as the most important through the best vs. worst scaling method. This approach forces respondents to make a decision rather than sit on the fence, revealing what they really think – the very information our client, Tele2, needed.

SPRINT’s research was conducted with N=500 Dutch citizens.

This was one of the first tests we conducted with SPRINT. The speed, competence and right price/quality ratio in which projects are conducted enables us to make the right decisions.”
Machiel van de Poll Customer Insights Manager - Tele2

Unique results

SPRINT’s involvement helped to gather important insight in the following areas for Tele2:

  • Appropriateness of each positioning statement
  • Ranking of the proposed options
  • Respondent preferences
  • Current positioning vs. proposed new positioning
  • Benchmarks
  • Competitor analysis.

By quickly gaining strategic insight through our agile market research for Tele2, we revealed their positioning compared to other providers, ultimately forming a strong foundation for their team to move forward with.