Brand Research

Brand research centres on the image that a target audience has of your organisation, brand, product or service. Undertaking brand research helps you assess the health of your brand. What are your opportunities and threats? And where does your potential for growth lie?

To research, strengthen and grow your brand, we make use of various methods:

Quantitative and qualitative research

Brand research can be both quantitative and qualitative. In quantitative brand surveys, a questionnaire is put to a large group of people. The outcome consists of a set of numerical results that tell us something about the specific group of respondents. These can either be your customers or people who do not yet know your brand or product. The survey is always conducted among a representative target audience. Qualitative research provides insight into the underlying arguments and motives of your target audience. The outcome is not based on hard figures, but on findings obtained from conversations. These provide you with detailed information about the behaviour, motives, opinions, desires and needs of your target audience.

In qualitative research we use: focus groups (group discussions), individual interviews and the Blauw Community. Via a forum you can ask more probing questions to find out the respondent’s underlying reasons for a specific opinion or behaviour. Or even get them to keep an online diary about their purchasing behaviour. Qualitative research is also useful for encouraging consumers to provide input e.g. for product innovations or new brand-building initiatives.

Want to research your brand?