Communication concept test

Communication concept test

With a concept test, you find out how your target audience responds to a new/renewed communication concept.

Suppose you want to launch a product or service. Then you devise a communication strategy to bring your product to the attention of your target audience. This could be a radio spot, a TV commercial, an advertisement in a magazine or a complete campaign with a mix of all of these. Test the effectiveness of your communication with a concept test.

Communication concept test Blue Research
Communication concept test

You want the chosen communication expression to fit your brand, your target audience and the promise you want to convey. Your message must come across and stick with your target group. You can check whether this is the case with a concept test.

With a communication concept you test and check the effectiveness of a campaign:

  • To what extent the communicative expressions are the correct (emotional) translation of the strategic idea;
  • How the campaign is understood and appreciated (identification, relevance);
  • What emotions are evoked by the campaign elements at what time; whether and when the action perspectives are understood and embraced;
  • What are concrete leads for optimization.

Unconscious influence in communication

Concept testing used to focus on the more rational and conscious processes. But the average consumer by no means always says what he or she does and does not always do what he says and intends. When a consumer is asked questions about a purchase after the fact, there is often post-rationalization of one's own (unconscious and irrational) behavior.

This is why today we also use irrational behavior and unconscious influence in communication as a starting point for human information processing and decision-making behavior.

The more factual and rational the respondent's behavior, the more explicit our questioning. The more unconscious the motives and preferences, and in situations where the respondent cannot or will not tell the truth, the more implicit and non-verbal our questioning and research technique.

Measure emotional charge of the campaign

Emotional impact of a campaign plays an important role in getting people to take the right action, such as buying your product. Blauw has a number of research methods that reveal the implicit impact:

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