Image research

What image do consumers have of your product, service or organization?

An image research answers your questions such as:

  • What image do customers and non-customers have of our organization?
  • Which competitors are most similar to our organization?
  • Does the campaign affect the brand's image within a specific target audience?
  • Do employees recognize themselves in the desired identity?

Image research Blauw Research
Image research

Understanding the image of your organization or brand is the basis for making many tactical and strategic decisions. With our image research we map all knowledge and impressions of an organization. Here we distinguish between the image that the organization itself wants to project (identity) and the image that the outside world has.

Consumers are discerning and have many choices. They orient themselves online and share and read experiences there. However, choice behavior is not always rational. A significant part of our behavior is automatic and based on emotion. With Kahneman and his system 1 and 2 thinking in mind, we deploy a wide range of metrics that reveal these kinds of more implicit processes. Consider:

Image research is usually large-scale, online quantitative research. For specific target groups, we deploy in-depth qualitative research. Given the size scope of the subject and the sometimes large impact, we believe the needs of the organization help determine the approach.

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Dori van Rosmalen
Research Consultant Communications
Dori van Rosmalen