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How is Bolsius growing within the home ambience category?

Bolsius is a Dutch brand in the home ambience category known for its candles and scented products. The brand wants to continue to grow and in its growth it wants to put consumer behavior and needs at the center. After all, only if you understand the consumer well can you develop relevant products, touch them in communication and generally make it easier for them to buy you!


To gain insight into the playing field in which Bolsius profiles itself as a brand, we conducted a Usage & Attitude survey in the Netherlands and several surrounding countries. A U&A study provides insight into which products are used, in which context and why. For Bolsius it was important to also understand when and why their products are not used. When you understand which thresholds currently stop consumers from buying your product, you as a brand can respond to this in your marketing plan.



Qualitative exploration through community research and focus groups

We started a broad exploratory study in the Netherlands through our own Blauw Community. Among other things, we investigated what participants understood by atmosphere and how participants make their homes attractive. With photos of the home situation, members brought their stories to life and we got a literal glimpse into their experiences. From this context we discussed the use of candles and scented products and the needs behind them. We started with broad questions and were able, in consultation with Bolsius, to refine them further and further.

To make sure we were not missing insights from our surrounding countries, we organized focus groups in these countries. The focus groups aimed to confirm, deepen and complement the Dutch insights. The focus groups gave a better picture of the emotion with which consumers talk about the category and the local customs.

Validation through quantitative research

The storytelling from the qualitative research helped Bolsius empathize with consumers and come up with ideas. To prioritize ideas and make choices, numerical evidence of differences between countries and target groups was essential.

We therefore followed up the qualitative research with a questionnaire that we administered for each participating country. The questionnaire helped to better understand differences between product categories and needs segments.


What did the research yield for Bolsius?

The research helped sharpen the brand strategy and provided inspiration for product development & communication. Among other things, she created a commercial highlighting how candles can make everyday moments special.

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Frederieke van Leeuwen
Frederieke van Leeuwen