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VELUX Netherlands: getting concrete with customer feedback

VELUX Netherlands sells roof windows, skylights, dormers, window decoration, blinds and shutters through its dealers to consumers. An industry where customer experience is extremely important. When customers are enthusiastic about your organization, this leads to new customers and orders.


Customer focus is central to all VELUX Netherlands operations. The organization also works according to the Lean method, where everything is aimed at working more efficiently. In both principles, customer feedback plays a major role. Because listening to customer feedback gives you valuable information:

  • What does your customer think about you?
  • What is going well? What are customers excited about?
  • What is going wrong? Where is further improvement possible?

VELUX Netherlands needed more structural insight into the feedback coming into their organization so they could continually adjust their services to become even more successful as a customer-centric organization.


Collect customer feedback around key touchpoints

Blauw therefore set up the Voice of the Customer program around the six most important touch points. The flexible Closed Loop Feedback system was tailor-made for VELUX Netherlands. As a result, it fits the structure of the organization exactly. This makes using the tool and incorporating it into daily operations easy.

For example, customer service reps get feedback on the calls they make. And service technicians receive feedback after their visit to the customer on how the customer experienced the visit. Employees receive an alert in their mailbox with customer feedback. A single click of the mouse takes you to the dashboard follow-up form.


Throughout the year, VELUX Netherlands received customer feedback, which was structurally followed up by employees. This provided valuable insights, from which a number of quick wins were extracted. But collecting and following up customer feedback alone is not enough.

In addition to operational quick wins that continuously emerge from customer feedback, you also want to be able to strategically prioritize and know where you as an organization need to put the most energy.

At what points do you make a difference for customers? With what part of the service or at what touchpoint?

The depths

Blauw therefore facilitated a deepdive for VELUX Netherlands to delve deeper into the data collected. A deepdive analysis gives you actionable insights for improvement.

Time for action: setting priorities

Blauw and VELUX Netherlands put their heads together to discuss priorities. What are the customers saying, what plans does VELUX Netherlands have for the coming year, and how can the collected customer feedback be incorporated into these? In an action planning session, plans are made with and by the relevant NPS Champions within the organization. They set priorities, conceived from the customer's opinion, and concrete actions for improving the customer experience. With this they try to get the customer experience (and NPS) to an even higher level. Upon completion you will have:

  • A list of concrete actions for improvements in customer experience, services and/or products
  • a further elaboration of the actions, to arrive at an initial impetus for a concrete and workable action plan with special attention to the formulation of quick wins.

Towards a customer-driven organization

A customer-driven organization stands or falls with employee engagement because together they define the customer experience. It is essential to involve as many employees of the organization as possible in the Voice of the Customer program. The aspiration of many organizations is for customer focus to get into the DNA of every employee. Something that really takes some time, but Blauw has several tools that can help with this.


Callback training: learning to successfully follow up on feedback

Several employees at VELUX Netherlands received callback training, practicing with role plays based on real Closed Loop Feedback cases. During such callback training, employees learn how to get as much valuable information as possible from a customer during a follow-up conversation. They get tips and tools to conduct a customer conversation in a way that makes the customer feel heard and with feedback that can be used in a concrete way.

At VELUX Netherlands, they have been working with the Voice of the Customer program since 2015. They continue to measure and use the insights gathered in their customers as a basis for the further development of the organization.

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