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Healthy and customer-oriented business through continuous monitoring of customer feedback

ArboNed stands for healthy entrepreneurship. They do this by advising SME entrepreneurs and their employees and conducting research in order to reduce absenteeism in the workplace, minimize occupational risks and promote the health of employees, among other things. Through the Voice of the Customer program and the support of Blauw, customer feedback can be effectively monitored.


ArboNed serves 61,500 employers and over 600,000 employees every day with all their questions about (preventive) health & safety issues. The head office is located in Utrecht. The organization was founded in 1993 and has been part of HumanCapitalCare B.V. since 2015.

Ongoing service evaluation

In order to offer the best customer-oriented service, ArboNed has a customer-oriented approach in which it continuously evaluates how customers experience ArboNed's service. By gaining insight into customer feedback at both team and individual level, ArboNed can make specific adjustments. The challenge here is to keep improving based on customer feedback.


You don't become a customer-driven organization overnight and it starts with thorough and ongoing customer insight. Blauw's Voice of the Customer program has offered a good basis for this since 2016. Blauw also supports ArboNed in the effective follow-up of customer feedback, so that ArboNed can really get to work with the feedback and structurally optimise its services.


Making and keeping customer experience top of mind

Blauw offers ArboNed a total solution in which feedback from clients can be followed up by ArboNed employees in an online dashboard using the available follow-up module. Employees follow up on feedback via alert mails, whereby progress can be monitored via the dashboard.

To keep following up customer feedback top of mind among ArboNed employees, Blauw provided a Closed Loop Feedback session with company-specific tips & tricks for following up customer feedback.


Through our studies, ArboNed has the tools to independently track customer feedback and actually use it as a guide to optimize services. Read more about our approach here.

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Maarten van den Broek
Maarten van den Broek