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Vattenfall Business: Driving sustainable customer relationships

Vattenfall is one of the largest providers in the wholesale energy market. Naturally, Vattenfall wants to maintain and further expand this position. To achieve this, it is important to be constantly aware of your customers' needs and experiences, to stay in dialogue with them and to continuously improve on the basis of these insights. Vattenfall Zakelijk has been working with Blauw Research's Voice of the Customer program for a number of years. This program provides continuous insight into the customer experience and provides Vattenfall with tools to implement structural improvements for sustainable customer relationships.


Ongoing insight into customer relationships and drivers

Blauw collects monthly feedback from Vattenfall's business customers. This is done through structured telephone interviews. We talk to customers about their customer relationship with Vattenfall in general (including NPS) and the drivers and root causes that influence this. By collecting these insights on an ongoing basis, Vattenfall Business continuously stays abreast of what is going on with customers. Developments in the results can be analyzed directly in a dashboard and account managers, customer service employees and marketers can adjust and take action immediately.


Benefits of telephone interviews with a business audience

Blauw always looks together with the client at which method is most suitable for reaching the target group. In consultation with Vattenfall Zakelijk, after extensive testing of various methods, the choice was made to conduct structured telephone interviews. This method best suits Vattenfall's relationship with the business customer. Telephone research also leads to a higher response rate with this target group. Business customers are generally less inclined to participate in surveys by e-mail. They are more willing to cooperate in a telephone interview and give their opinion directly in a conversation with an interviewer.


Getting started immediately with customer feedback

An important part of our approach is tracking customer feedback in a dashboard. Customers who need it are called back by their account manager in response to the answers given. By calling customers back directly, the account manager can pick up needs or any issues immediately and resolve them for the customer. Employees record the insights and actions from these closed loop feedback calls in the dashboard and this continuously serves as input for structural improvements in creating lasting customer relationships.

The value of 'closing the loop'

Customers appreciate the feedback Vattenfall Business provides based on their feedback. They like that Vattenfall takes time for feedback from individual customers and really appreciate that any questions and problems are dealt with quickly. This approach fits well with customer needs, as survey results show that many business customers need regular contact with their account manager. The Voice of the Customer program then directly provides Vattenfall with an additional valuable customer contact moment.


Sustainable improvement of customer experience

Periodically, Vattenfall Business analyzes results, developments and leads based on structural feedback. Blauw provides input on which strengths and areas for improvement have the greatest impact on Vattenfall's most important KPI, the NPS. Blauw acts as a sparring partner for Vattenfall Zakelijk in order to be able to interpret the results properly each quarter and to present them to employees who are to work with them. This results in targeted improvements to sustainably improve the customer experience.

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Maarten van den Broek
Maarten van den Broek