The energy market is constantly changing. Due to new technologies and the limited supply of fossil fuels, the demand for sustainable energy sources and energy saving continues to increase.

Energy suppliers are also changing with it, but they are encountering many challenges during their transition: how do you continue to be relevant and ensure that you do not lose customers along the way?

Market research for the energy market

We help energy suppliers to achieve a customer-focused approach, effective communication with the market and the successful development of new products and services.

What would it mean to your business if you knew how to retain customers and attract new customers?

  • Market research provides fundamental insight into consumer behaviour and our Voice of the Customer Programme delivers expertise on crucial aspects such as: customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

You discover what a customer is happy about and in particular where the niggles are. You can use this to improve your product and your service delivery, making your customers enthusiastic and reaching new customers.

Customer research: Insight into satisfaction, loyalty and retention

Since the privatisation of the energy market, the battle for customers has been in full swing. And thanks to digitalisation the customer has a better view of what the market has to offer. Numerous comparison sites display in detail the benefits of switching to the competition. The challenge for suppliers is to retain these customers and to reduce churn.

  • Blauw’s Customer Experience Management is central to this and helps energy companies to gain insight into satisfaction, loyalty and retention.
  • Using Customer Journey Paths we analyse in detail the times and methods you can use to make a difference to the customer.

We not only measure the intention to promote (NPS), but also the actual promotional behaviour of customers. Enthusiastic customers who share their enthusiasm are the best Superpromoters; they attract new customers and ensure that your organisation continues to grow.

Communication research: improve positioning and communication

Energy suppliers vary very little in nature from each other, after all, they all supply exactly the same product: energy. In practice, a consumer will perceive no difference between gas from supplier A or from supplier B.

As an energy supplier do you wish to distinguish yourself from the rest?

Brand and communication have a huge impact on your distinctive capacity.

  • Communication research is central to determining their effectiveness. We help energy companies to improve their communication with their customers by testing communications, measuring the effects of media or evaluating sponsorship.

We do this by combining conventional (qualitative and quantitative) methods with innovative implicit measurement methods, such as facial coding and association techniques.

Marketing and product management: insight into target groups, drivers and attitudes

Energy companies are always busy trying new product-market combinations. And there’s a good reason why.

What does it deliver if you know how to bind your customers to you by offering new products and services?

Examples of these are the smart thermostats which suppliers have launched onto the market, or innovative partnerships with stores in other sectors.

Blauw helps energy suppliers provide a direction for the development and evaluation of new and existing products. We do this by involving the customer in the process at the earliest possible stage by providing insight into target groups, drivers and attitudes. But also by analysing where latent demand exists and how to respond to them.

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