Customer Experience

Excelling in customer experience? That starts with effective research

Optimising the Customer Experience. That is your number one priority, because customer-focused services and consistent processes not only make the customer happy, but also lift the organisation to a higher level of growth and success.

Optimal customer experience generates more success

Enthusiastic customers return to you more often, are loyal and happy to recommend you to family and friends. This leads to even more satisfied customers, more name recognition, more sales, more profit and, hence, more success.

Optimal customer experience doesn’t happen by itself …

But where do you start? What does customer experience look like? What are the underlying emotions, needs and motivations of the customer? How do you respond to these? How do you avoid preconceived assumptions and collect fact-based insights into customer experience? How can you enthuse your employees to undertake positive action? And in an efficient and structural manner?

Research unlocks customer insights

Our experienced Blauw experts offer various smart research methods for collecting all the customer insights you need to optimise the customer experience. Including motivations, emotions, needs and perceptions. With our smart tools and workshops we help your organisation undertake immediate concrete action to improve your customer experience. Are you up for it?

Popular research methods

Our ‘Triple Diamond’ method:

Diamond 1: Monitoring & Optimisation

You want to measure customer feedback in a smart way. Working closely with you, our Blauw experts set up a continuous customer satisfaction survey to collect concrete input for taking direct action to improve your customer satisfaction. Organisations in this phase mainly need quantitative research: numbers and progress data. All these insights are converted into concrete actions and plans, laying the basis for structural customer experience improvement.

Diamond 2: Customer Journey Mapping & Driver Discovery

You want to take a deep dive with qualitative research. Together we zoom in on a customer journey, process or group. Our researchers conduct in-depth interviews with customers. What does their world look like? What are their real needs, emotions and motivations? Where can you add value for the customer? Most organisations in this phase have previous experience with customer satisfaction surveys and have already created a customer-driven mindset. Based on insights and priorities from more in-depth research, you can optimise the customer experience even further.

Diamond 3: Service Design & Testing

Are you already into agile working or busy working on user experience or design thinking? Or intend to adopt these some time soon? Then you want to involve customers in the development process in a structural manner, because everything you develop must be attuned to the wishes and needs of your target group. Our experts can guide you through every step in the agile process. They can also shift gear quickly and instantly feed back pragmatic insights, enabling you as a team to take immediate further action. Short cyclical and iterative working leads to services and functionalities that successfully match the customer’s needs, but you knew that already of course.

Outside-in development process

Drawing on all the gathered insights, you navigate almost automatically from one diamond to the next. When you’ve come full circle, you start afresh with a new customer challenge. It’s an outside-in development process for continuously optimising the customer experience.

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Our Customer Experience Team

Our Blauw experts are ready at any time of the working day to help you perform smart customer feedback measurements and prioritise points for improvement. Enthusiasm, openness and empathy are the hallmarks of our experts. Ensuring that everyone immediately feels at ease and on familiar ground.

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