Customer Experience

Customer focus sounds simple, but it's more than just a slogan. If you want to do it right, to get the customer into the DNA of your organisation, there's a little bit more to it than that. Because how do you make your customer enthusiastic, whilst at the same time making sure that employers are full of enthusiasm about working for your customers? Only then will you begin to accelerate as an organisation.

The capital force of enthusiasm is created if you: listen properly to your customers, understand what they say, continue to improve yourself, dare to amend your processes, get the organisation on board and take responsibility.

We work on the principles of:

  • evidence (research amongst your customers)
  • enthusiasm (involve your employees)
  • motivation (focus your organisation on the customer)

If you remove just one of these elements, it becomes difficult to achieve true success.

We believe that this must include two voices: the voices of your customers and the voices of your employees.  Together, they ensure a customer-focused organisation.

Voice of the Employee: Guarantee enthusiastic employees

We have known and talked about this for many years now, but it's now time for action. The key to a successful Customer Experience strategy lies in motivating employees. Some companies are strong when it comes to customer service. One example is online retailer Coolblue.

How do you achieve that as business?

Thanks to the Voice of the Employee programme, you can really understand how happy and enthusiastic your employees are. You gain insight into employees' experiences and get to know if they have sufficient scope and the correct resources to act in a customer-focused way.  

Voice of the Customer: Customer feedback in practice

Feedback from customers is essential. This is because customers talk about your company a lot. They talk about it to family, friends, colleagues etc... But what do they say? That's easy to find out. Because if you ask them, they will tell you exactly what they think of you.

You just have to ask the questions in the right way and then really act on the feedback you receive from customers.