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How does ongoing customer research help your organization improve and optimize the customer experience?

The Rent Commission is an impartial organization for preventing, helping to resolve and formally settling disputes between tenants and landlords. They can come here for disputes about, for example, rent, maintenance or service costs. The Rent Commission conducts investigations, mediates in conflicts and ends a conflict with a ruling. The Rent Commission department has a staff of 91 FTEs. Blauw assists the Rent Commission with ongoing customer research in order to improve their services and optimize the customer experience.


The Rent Commission's services are slowly but surely shifting to a way of working in which they communicate more closely with tenants and landlords on a 'perception' basis. Direct handling of questions, substantive intakes and mediation should contribute to faster resolution and to fostering the relationship between tenant and landlord. This development makes it extra important to monitor closely how tenants and landlords experience the service.


Online customer experience research

Blauw is conducting an ongoing customer experience survey of tenants and landlords who have used the services of the Rent Commission. All tenants and landlords whose cases have been completed in the past month receive an invitation to participate in the online survey. Based on what the customer experienced at the Rent Commission, the tenant or landlord answers a limited number of questions about the different stages of the customer journey. In doing so, we use the root cause method, where in just four questions you go back to the cause of the problem or the cause of the customer's enthusiasm. In this way we map out in detail how the customer experience is doing in each phase and where the areas for improvement lie.


Structural measurement is real-time knowing

All results of the ongoing customer experience survey are immediately available in an online dashboard, so that the Rent Commission has real-time insight and can make adjustments if necessary. Periodically, Blauw performs an in-depth analysis on the data and helps the Rent Commission get started on priorities from the customer experience.


With insights from the customer experience survey, among other things, the Rent Commission is focusing on reducing processing times. Also, based on the survey results, the Rent Commission can improve services through the website and develop new forms of service in the organization.

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