Community research

Good community research gives you the essential insight into the perceptions and behavior of your (potential) customer

From strategy to execution, at every stage you know how to put your customer first. But how do you get in touch with your customer quickly and easily? Community research can help you with that!


Community research

Through community research we give you the essential insight into the perception and behavior of your (potential) customer at any given moment. Depending on the questions you have for your target group or the connection you are seeking with them, we present the right assignments to your target group via a digital platform. This creates a win-win situation: your target group feels heard and understood and you know what to do, thus increasing the impact of your actions!

The right community solution for every question

Whether you want to stay in touch with your clients on a structural basis or whether you have a specific issue on which you would like your clients to contribute their thoughts, Blauw has various community solutions. Read more about our online community platforms below and find out which community best suits your needs:

Getting started with community research?

Frederieke van Leeuwen
Business Lead Marketing Strategy