Customer Journey

A Customer Journey study is a valuable resource in gaining insight into the journey a consumer makes before becoming a customer or before he buys a product from you. We adopt the customer perspective as a starting point in the outside in analyses we use in Customer Journey research. We establish the starting point in advance, namely:

Path to purchase: How do I ensure that (potential) customers choose my product or service?

Path to loyalty: How can I arrange my service provision most effectively in order to retain customers?

How do I reach my target group in the correct way?

We believe in a smart and practical design, as a result of which output is definitive and therefore effective. This gets an organisation going. In order to achieve this we adopt the following assumptions:

  • Focus We clarify exactly what the customer journey must relate to. To do so, we use three clear steps: inside-out analysis, outside-in analysis and optimisation. We map out customer perspective by using efficient and effective focus groups.
  • Involve employees For each of the three steps stated, we involve employees from various disciplines. After all, your own employees consolidate your customer focus.
  • Clearly defined and usable We create an emotion curve which clarifies at a glance where enthusiasm actually exists, where there are opportunities to enhance it and furthermore we identify moments of sharing: the moments in service provision which are definitive for the customer’s overall experience, both in a positive and a negative sense. Together, we determine which moments during the journey need to be addressed (choices made) and we guide the customer in taking the first steps on the way to improvement.

To give marketers all the tools to get started with customer journey research and let your organization excel, we also provide a customer journey training.

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