Customer Journey

Customer journey research helps you to better align your services with the customer’s wishes and needs. Mapping the customer journey from the customer’s perspective is obviously an interesting exercise but not an end in itself: the goal is to obtain in-depth and well-founded insights to optimise your services.

Why put the customer journey in focus?

Key questions that can be solved with a customer journey survey include:

  • How can I increase my NPS?
  • How can I better align my services with the customer’s wishes and needs?
  • How can I better align my touchpoints/channels as input for a channel strategy?

Our approach to customer journey research

Well-executed customer journey mapping boosts customer awareness in the organisation and gives concrete pointers for optimising the customer journey. Our practice-oriented approach to successful customer journey research is based on three key principles:

  • Focus: Before the survey, we meet with the client to sharply define the central focus of the customer journey. Next, we follow three clear steps: inside out analysis, outside in analysis and optimisation. Using qualitative research methods (such as individual in-depth interviews and focus groups), we map the customer journey from the customer’s perspective.
  • Involve employees: Employees from diverse disciplines are involved in each of the three steps mentioned above. This increases the support for the customer journey survey and ensures direct employee involvement in the implementation of improvements.
  • Clear, concrete and action-oriented: During the survey we create a visual customer journey which provides at-a-glance and detailed insight into what customers feel and experience during the customer journey. We also identify the ‘moments of truth’: the moments during the service process that determine the customer’s overall experience, both in a positive and negative sense. Together with our client, we determine the moments of truth in the customer journey that need to be addressed. Using concrete pointers from the survey, we help your organisation define improvement actions to raise your customer journey to the next level.

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