Research Community

In the area of marketing, the concept of community can be interpreted in multiple ways. In general, the concept of community is understood to mean an online platform where consumers or corporate decision makers can find information, provide their opinions, share experiences, etc. There are also various opportunities for research. For instance, there are communities that are online 24/7 and where members can log in at any time in order to share their opinions or, when asked, to work on assignments. A community like this comes close to approaching the actual situation in real life. The downside is that moderating such a community requires a great deal of time and effort. And if this community management is not implemented properly, the result is a high turnover of members and insufficient insights from the platform. Blauw has two MROC variants: short-term or continuous. The short-term MROCs are characterised by three features: they have a duration of several weeks, they have a manageable number of participants and they have a clearly defined problem. Continuous MROCs also have a manageable number of members, but differ in application. They are characterised by dealing with various problems on a weekly basis.

For these MROCs, Blauw works together with CMNTY. CMNTY has developed the Ideations2 platform to help build and manage online communities. Blauw’s and CMNTY’s propositions complement each other very well, leading to a strategic collaboration: CMNTY provides the technical platform. They completely build the MROC based on the look and feel of the client. Blauw provides knowledge and expertise to ensure daily moderation and events and, most importantly, provide valuable insights.

In order to successfully implement an MROC it is crucial to facilitate enough activity. Once or twice a week a new event must be created so members can be encouraged afresh to participate in a discussion. Events vary in nature and scope. They can be discussions on the forum for all members or online chat sessions for some of the members. Members can receive a photo assignment or be asked to keep a journal. These events are used for both long-term and continuous MROCs. In a short-term MROC, these activities are devoted to solving a larger problem. And in a continuous MROC, a single event is created for solving one particular problem.