Are consumers prepared to lease washing machines?

BlueMovement is a start-up that wants to lease domestic appliances to consumers. This includes 'subscriptions-style' rental payments for white goods, such as refrigerators and washing machines. The sustainability aspect of this idea is of paramount importance to BlueMovement. But do consumers see this the same way? What do consumers actually want? What barriers can BlueMovement break down? Blauw investigated the opinions of a cross-section of the Dutch public.

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BlueMovement knows that the change from ownership to subscription can be a considerable one. If consumers are to be convinced, it is important that BlueMovement knows how consumers think about leasing domestic appliances. In order to get more insight into the opinions of shoppers in the Netherlands in general, plus any potential drivers and barriers, our Blauw experts carried out a quantitative study for BlueMovement.

A quantitative study

Our Blauw experts got straight down to business by conducting a quantitative on-line questionnaire. In that questionnaire we posed different questions to a wide range of consumers who represent consumers in the Netherlands in general. With this we were able to obtain a broad insight into the market potential, from those who are already leasing consumer products or considering doing so, to those who wouldn't dream of it.

Leasing household appliances

Rather than merely asking whether consumers would be interested in the concept of leasing household appliances, we asked them whether they believe others would be interested. Using this Wisdom of Crowds approach gives a good estimation of how successful consumers believe a proposition to be in the market. This social knowledge is often more accurate than people’s individual limited experience and perceptions.

In addition to general questions about familiarity with and interest in the concept of leasing household appliances, we also presented the concept of leasing specific products, such as vacuum cleaners and refrigerators. In order to properly understand how consumers were thinking about the concept, we compared their opinion with other types of products as well, such as bicycles and laptops. What makes consumers interested in leasing these products? What does the interested group look like in terms of attitude, behavior and demographics? What stops someone from making use of the option and what does this group look like? And what do consumers consider an acceptable monthly price to pay?

What did BlueMovement learn from the quantitative study?

BlueMovement received insights based on the opinions of real consumers. Facts. The company doesn't have to make further plans based on a gut feeling anymore and, as a result, has more chance of growth and success. This study gave the start-up an insight into the key reasons to why customers do or don’t choose to lease household appliances in the Netherlands. BlueMovement can consider these consumer drivers and barriers for future plans. In so doing so it can boost its name recognition. The brand can also use its marketing to adapt to the needs of consumers, to boost the desire to lease rather than own household appliances.

This relatively wide-ranging study gave BlueMovement important, specific questions that require additional consumer insights. Our Blauw experts are happy to see this. The more specific the questions to the consumers are, the more specific the results of the study will be and the more the brand will be able to capitalize on consumers' needs. That is the way a company will ultimately be able to achieve the most success.

Are you curious as to what consumers think of your product range too?