Truly understanding the behaviour of the Etos customer

The customers of Etos have a major involvement in all sorts of subjects relating to personal care. They provide their opinions on the wide range of themes associated with this via the You & Etos community. They discuss the direction Etos should take within this. And perhaps even more usefully: they add even more subjects about themselves which attract the attention of Etos.

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We brought together around 200 women who are customers of Etos in the You & Etos community. Here, we offer them a platform to enter into discussion with each other and with Etos. Each week we submit a question from Etos to them. The (pre)testing of commercials, advertisements and brochures, the ideal arrangement of various shelves, testing of new products, the co-creation of loyalty activities etc. These are a small example of the various subjects we cover with these Etos customers.

But this community is anything but one-sided for Etos. We also allow the ladies to create their own topics. And it is precisely this that ensures that Etos can really understand what its customers are doing and can respond to it. By monitoring these women's conversations Etos gains insight into the subjects which are relevant to them and where there are potential opportunities for Etos.

What was achieved?
Since the launch of You & Etos in September 2012, the input of community members has been overwhelming. this is revealed by the figures:
• more than 600 topics
• more than 900 challenge submissions
• more than 30,000 form reactions
• top 10 users online for 23 minutes per day on average

All of this input has provided Etos with a huge amount of insight, shared in the following forms:
• more than 85 Etos questions answered in the form of summary one pagers
• bottom-up insights from the community are bundled in inspirational glossy magazines on a quarterly basis
• and a shopper segmentation has even been formulated on the basis of the community

The You & Etos community brings us as an organisation much closer to the consumer and it is a very valuable source of information for us.”

Koen van Haaren Consultant Consumer Business Insights Etos