Optimisation of the Quooker FLEX campaign

The Quooker FLEX is the latest innovation from Quooker. It is a boiling water tap with a flexible, pull-out hose for hot and cold water. Quooker developed an international campaign to draw attention to the Quooker FLEX nationally and internationally. The campaign consists of a teaser, various television commercials and short spots (tag-ons).

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Quooker wanted to be certain that the scenes in the commercials wouldn't arouse any negative emotions (such as fear) in the target group, so the campaign was thoroughly tested. Through a combination of online face reading and qualitative in-depth interviews, we were able to advise Quooker how the campaign could be optimised.

The following was achieved on the basis of the results:

  • Insight was gained into the emotions aroused by the campaign (at scene level)
  • Concerns that the commercials might arouse negative emotions were dispelled
  • Recommendations were made that the teaser should not be used prior to the start of the campaign, but to combine it with the television commercial and tag-on in the same advertising block
  • The best commercial to start the campaign in combination with which tag-on was determined
  • The decision was taken place more emphasis on the product launch in voice-over and visuals

How was the research carried out?

By analysing the appreciation and understanding of a TV campaign such as that of Quooker, we opted for a flexible and efficient combined approach. That's why we used the following design:

  • Begin with online face reading: in an online questionnaire, television commercials and tag-ons in the form of a reel (an advertising block) were submitted to the target group. Using the webcam, the emotions aroused by the commercials were recorded, analysed down to scene level and compared with the other commercials in the reel. This phase can be done within a weekend.
  • We then carried out a number of in-depth interviews: together with the client we compiled a list of hypotheses based on the results of the online face reading. Along with the regular questions about the campaign, these were tested amongst the target group. Where possible, the interviews were clustered over two days. We planned time in between the interviews to introduce amendments to the research material and to re-test.

It was precisely the combination of the face reading results and the in-depth interviews that gave us decisive insight to enable us to optimise the TV commercial. Certainly the live attendance of the qualitative interviews clarified particular elements which we were fortunately still able to change. Our experience of our partnership with Blauw was very pleasant, informal and yet it was an essential driving force.”
Annick Boom, Marketing and Communications Director Marketing & Communications Director