Communication pre-test

Communication pre-test

With a communication pre-test, you measure the impact of a communication expression in advance.

A pre-test will give you answers to questions such as:

  • Will our new packaging stand out on store shelves?
  • What associations do consumers have with our logo?
  • Does our message appeal to the right audience?

Communication pre-test Blauw Research
Communication pre-test

The main purpose of a communication or advertising message is usually to get more people to choose your brand, product or service. With a pre-test you can find out to what extent the communications succeed in creating attention, appreciation and understanding and contribute to the intended communication objective. By performing a communication pre-test, you can also find out what optimization opportunities there are.

Pre-testing is a form of concept research and provides insight into how your communication scores with consumers in terms of: comprehensibility, credibility, the extent to which your message stands out and is distinctive from competitors.

When do you conduct a communication pre-test?

You can conduct a pre-test at different points in the development phase:

  • At the very beginning of the development phase, when you have an initial idea about your communication expression;
  • During development, when one or more concepts are developed;
  • At the end of the process, when the communication output is ready and you want to do a final check with your target audience.

Implicit effects communication research

Emotional impact of an expression plays an important role in getting people to take action, such as buying your product. Blauw has a number of research methods that reveal implicit effects:

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