Ivo Langbroek

Research Director

I am Research Director at Blauw. It is my responsibility to know all about the latest research methods and technological possibilities. I am passionate about making these innovations practically applicable for Blauw's clients. I am also our Privacy Officer and advises clients and colleagues on the correct processing of personal data in market research.

I have more than 15 years research experience. First at Unilever, followed by several years with a sensory research bureau and since 2005 in various roles for Blauw. He mostly works in the FMCG and Telecomms sectors because the need for innovation is often the strongest there. However, he has also provided enthusiasm for clients in Finance, Transport and the public sector with his new insights.

Nominated for the MOAward Bureau Researcher of the year 2016, the jury called him "an innovations man in heart and soul”.