Sanne Kempers

Research Consultant Customer Journeys

As a Research Consultant in the Customer Team, I'm responsible for the deeper layer in the research, i.e. why do people behave the way they do? My specialization is the creation of customer journeys. Creating a customer journey is not a goal in itself, but the starting point from which you will improve the service. So, I always think it's important that all departments directly and indirectly related to customer contact are involved. Only when the entire organisation is in tune with each other can I fulfill my personal mission, which is to make the saying "being sent from pillar to post" in companies disappear.

I'm really curious, as a true researcher should be. That doesn't just manifest itself in my work. I like to discover new places. For me, they don't have to be far away - there are often really beautiful things to discover nearby. It's just a matter of being open to seeing them. Always looking at the same situations with an open mind and seeing something new makes me really happy. This is also what fascinates me in my work. You can have the same conversation with all sorts of people, yet all conversations are different because their backgrounds, motivations, motives, norms and values differ. This is exactly why I love my profession so much.