From satisfied to enthusiastic worker

You know the sensation: that warm feeling you sometimes get after a day's work. You switch off your computer and end your day with a satisfied feeling because everything went as it was supposed to.

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Flow | Blauw Research

Everything ran like a well-oiled machine, you worked like a Trojan, but you're not tired. Better still, you are bubbling with energy because everything's been done right and it didn't take a lot of effort. This is what we call Flow.

According to psychologist Mihali Csikszentmihalyi, who has researched this principle, it is a situation in which you immerse yourself fully in an activity.. A mental status in which time flies. Every action, movement and thought follows on from the previous one as if by itself. You are completely ‘in the moment’ and you use your greatest skills. (Working) days in Flow, are the days you want to have the most of. Like luck, it is not an ultimate state which you can continue to feel. And your personal circumstances also affect it. But as a business, you want to bring out the relevant elements which create Flow.

How do you do this as an organisation?

Amongst other things, by ensuring that your employees are satisfied. But … satisfaction doesn't actually say all that much. This is because an employee who is satisfied is not necessarily an employee who works hard, or goes the extra mile, is service-focused or feels responsible for the end result.

It is also not said that satisfied employees are enthusiastic about their own organisation's products or services, let alone recommend them to others. And, after all, that's what every organisation wants!

This is also linked to the way in which customer satisfaction is measured. Because a satisfied customer is not necessarily a loyal customer. That's why the Net Promoter Score is such an important tool. It no longer focuses solely on a customer's satisfaction, but it's about how far a customer will recommend your products and services.

As a business you seek customers who are more than just satisfied. Those who work for you with passion, who are enthusiastic, full of energy, go a step further and a re happy to make a contribution to the organisation. These employees are not just satisfied, they are in Flow.

How is Flow created amongst your employees?

It is evident from research that there are five definitive drivers for the creation of Flow. Five elements which strongly affect the experience of Flow in work. Would you like to know more about these five drivers? Download our white paper here or contact us.