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Would you like to know whether the letters your organisation sends are written clearly? Do you ever wonder if the e-mails you write hit the right note, the one that best suits your company? A content test is a quick and easy way to help you examine your company communications.

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Online test panel: high-speed market research

With over 4.5 million members, the ANWB is constantly seeking methods with which it can involve its members in its activities. Eva van Eden, administrative assistant at ANWB, explains about the content test that SPRINT recently carried out for them:

“We regularly use online surveys or forum discussions to ask members to consider subjects in fields such as recreation, tourism, traffic and logistics. We wanted to use a study on a larger scale to assess whether the covering letter that we send to our members with our annual invoice is clear, and still uses the tone we like to use to communicate with our members. Our pleasant experience in working with Blauw Research market research agency led us to their ‘agile’ operations arm, SPRINT.”

“I was surprised by the speed at which this research project was set up. The whole process, from the first call to SPRINT, right up to the point at which the content test was actually online, took less than 2 hours. All you have to do is log in, select the test you want to do, fill in the number of respondents you want to approach and then upload the letter.

And if you have questions or need help, SPRINT is able to respond rapidly. I had added a number of extra questions to customise the standard questionnaire. Maarten, one of the Research Managers at SPRINT checked the questions and advised how we could make them even more relevant, so that the questions are clear to the respondents and the answers the questions elicited usable for us.”

Heatmap: insight into potential improvements

A heatmap question is a standard feature of each SPRINT content test. The heatmap lets you see at a glance what your target group looks at most frequently and spends longest looking at. It shows which part of your letter or mailshot draws most attention. Your target group can also add a short note to each click on the heatmap to show clearly what is good about the letter and what can be improved. The heatmap is a tool that lets you precisely identify what steps you can take to improve the lay-out and achieve a higher conversion rate.

We discovered that this letter test was a good way of confirming that our current mode of communication is, indeed, pitched to our target group. One of the things we wanted to find out was whether our target group would accept an informal style of communication, but that turned out not to be the case. A lot of people prefer us to communicate with them in a more formal, business-like style. So we will continue to do that.”
Eva van Eden Administrative assistant at ANWB

Quantitative data

SPRINT ensures that your content, statements and landing pages are tested within 24 hours, and that the results are in. ANWB wanted to keep the test ‘active’ for a bit longer than normal, so that there was no pressure on the respondents to deliver their answers. That’s something that is entirely part of the ANWB’s approach and, of course, modifications of this kind are always possible.

As Eva says, “I like the fact that I have access to the system myself. Once a few respondents have completed the questionnaire, you can follow the results of the survey in real time. Plus, you are sent a report written by a SPRINT Research Manager that outlines the most significant results and you have access to all results, background questions and feedback from respondents.

The studies that we perform within our own Customer Experience (UX) department are on a much smaller scale. What SPRINT makes easy is that you can quickly organise quantitative data. This has an impact on how usable the results of the data are.

Within the company, you can present hard evidence to members of the Management Team and demonstrate why it is advisable to opt for one specific type of communication in contacts with your members. It’s good to get confirmation of that type, and we will certainly be using this ‘agile’ market research application more often in the future.”

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