How is Bolsius developing as a brand within the home ambience category?

Bolsius is a Dutch brand in the home ambience category, well-known for its candles and scented products. The brand wants to keep growing, and wants to focus its development on the behaviour and needs of the consumer. Ultimately, it is only with a good understanding of your consumers that you can develop relevant products, reach them in communications and generally make it easier for them to go for your brand

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Usage en attitude research Bolsius

In order to get an insight into the playing field in which Bolsius wants to make the presence of its brand felt, we carried out a Usage & Attitude study in the Netherlands and various neighbouring countries. A U&A study gives an insight into which products are used, the context they are used in and the reason for use. It was important for the people at Bolsius that they themselves also understood when and why their products weren't actually being used. Once you understand the obstacles to consumers purchasing your product, you can use this to shape your marketing plan.

Qualitative exploration via community research and focus groups

We have started a broad-based exploratory study in the Netherlands, using our own Blauw Community. We investigated aspects like, for example, what participants understand by 'ambience', and how participants give their home a pleasant ambience. Members of the community were able to bring their stories to life with photos from their own home, and we literally got a glimpse of their experiences. Using this context as a starting point we discussed the use of candles and scented products, and the potential needs this may reveal. We began with generic questions which we continued to refine, consulting with Bolsius every step of the way.

In order to be certain that we weren't missing any insights from neighbouring countries, we organised focus groups in these countries. The aim of the focus groups was to confirm, home in on and add to the insights gained in the Netherlands. The focus groups gave a better picture of the emotional response of consumers to the category, and of local practices.

Validation via quantitative market research

The storytelling from the qualitative study helped Bolsius to put themselves in the position of the consumer and come up with ideas. In order to be able to prioritise ideas and make choices, it was essential to underpin the differences between the various countries and target groups with figures.

So we followed up the qualitative study with a questionnaire that we distributed in each participating country. The questionnaire helped us get a better idea of the differences between product categories and the needs of specific segments.

What did Bolsius learn from this study?

The study contributed to making the brand strategy more focused and offered inspiration for product development and communications. For instance, Bolsius made a commercial in which it emphasised how candles could make everyday moments special.

Are you curious as to the needs of your consumers? How does your playing field look? And how can you best use your marketing to capitalise on this?