Case study: TV commercial

SPRINT is the Netherlands’ leading online retailer of books, toys and electronics, with more than 7 million customers and sales reaching 1 billion euros. As a large-scale business, they conduct multiple marketing campaigns through various channels. SPRINT assisted with the optimisation of a particular online campaign – a short TV commercial. The urgency of this project shaped it, as the client needed the results of our test in just 24 hours.

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The challenge: campaign deadline

The television commercial had been developed by and it was already due to be broadcast. However, they wanted to ensure that the campaign conveyed the right message, so a test was needed before the ad went live. Our urgent content crash-test with consumers needed to provide with the correct insights to effectively improve their commercial.

SPRINT helped us in an amazing way – to run a test within an impossible deadline. Competent and fast”
Linda Metzemaekers Market Researcher -

Our approach:

We knew there was limited time for our research, or any adjustments for that matter. So, we made sure the 24-hour insights we delivered in the results included ways to further sharpen the commercial in the long-run.

We organised for consumers to watch the commercial and answer some questions about appreciation, clarity of message, plus tips for improvement. Our online method of gathering feedback combined quantitative and qualitative insights for the team at

Online questionnaire: n=100 general public by country (the Netherlands and Belgium).

Topline output:

Using agile market research, SPRINT helped to answer the following for

  • How do consumers appreciate the TV advert? What parts do they like/dislike?
  • What is the main message according to each consumer?
  • How clear is the advert’s message?
  • Can the clarity of the message be improved?
  • Which questions remain after the ad campaign?
  • What would each consumer change in the advert?

Unique results:

The results revealed that the television commercial was generally liked by the test audience, mainly due to the alternation between scenes and positive images it shared with the viewer.

Following a few recommended adjustments, the team at could move forward with the campaign knowing that it was in a prime state to be launched across the Netherlands and Belgium.

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