Rabobank in agile interaction with customers

Rabobank is a customer-driven organization that is keen to connect with its customers. To establish contact with the target audience, Blauw set up a customized research community for Rabobank. Through this community Rabobank can enter into agile interaction with customers and non-customers, both business and retail.

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The agile community is characterized by flexibility:

  • The community enables Rabobank to gather feedback from the relevant target audience in a very short space of time (result within 48 hours). Based on this input, Rabobank can further tailor its services to the target audience's needs and wishes.
  • The target audience can always be approached directly for feedback when pressing questions arise. The community is at Rabobank's disposal 24/7.
  • Real-time adjustments. Respondents who give interesting reactions can be probed further to gain more detailed insights and keep a two-way conversation going with the participants.

From inspiration to testing, evaluation and optimization

The community enables Rabobank to gather input on a variety of issues, ranging from inspiration for new campaigns to evaluations of potential products and services and web page optimizations.

The community has already helped Rabobank to test campaigns, evaluate new payment packages and critically scrutinize the Rabo app. In this way Rabobank is able to gather initial insights into a wide range of financial topics. The opinions of customers and non-customers are sounded out in the community and then taken on board in an effort to keep enhancing the services. The input has already helped Rabobank to improve the payment request function in the Rabo banking app, optimize its business packages and fine-tune its communications around insurance services.

Always the correct target audience

As well as putting a diversity of issues to the community, specific target audiences can be selected to provide feedback on individual issues. So far, Rabobank has sought specific input from, respectively, investors, homeowners and customers with multi-trip travel insurance. Blauw identifies the correct target audience. If necessary, additional recruitment can take place to build an even more specific target audience. In this way, Rabobank always knows it is interacting with the people it wants to reach.

The suitable tool for any question

Activities are carefully targeted to bring interesting insights to light. The mark & mention tool, for instance, can be deployed to test communications, the stepboard module reveals in a step by step process what the customer's motivations and needs are regarding a specific theme, while photo assignments indicate the associations that customers have with a specific subject. The suitable tool for every question!

Agile cooperation with the marketeers

During the research, relevant staff members of Rabobank can keep track of the community at any time. This gives them a first-hand feeling of the top-of-mind issues among the target audience. In addition, this functionality enables real-time adjustments, so that insights from the community members can be analysed in more depth.

Once the required input has been gathered, Blauw writes a research-specific report outlining concrete insights and action-oriented recommendations. These are discussed with the marketeers, so that they can immediately set to work to put the results into action. The community members, in turn, receive feedback to keep them involved with the community and Rabobank. In this way Rabobank, together with Blauw, continues to optimize its services!

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