UEFA Champions League: insight into the impact of global sponsorships

Blauw Research has been helping sponsors understand the positive effects of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) sponsoring since 1999. The insights provided by Blauw have contributed to increased awareness, engagement, loyalty and purchase levels amongst football fans.

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The UEFA Champions League Sponsoring Effectiveness Study provides insight in the evaluation and impact of the UCL sponsorship on the brand. With the results of this study sponsors are able to set objectives and optimize the sponsoring activations. These insights contribute to a successful sponsoring policy.


Currently Heineken, PepsiCo and Nissan are our partners in this research. Sponsors can join the study and profit from experience, expertise, back data, benchmarks and cost savings. The benefits from the syndicated set-up include:

  • Yearly meeting with all partners to share insights and experiences
  • Two dedicated research consultants are available for each participating partner in the UCL study and are available for questions during the entire year
  • Costs are shared between partners
  • Backdata is available for all UCL sponsors and for over 10 UCL seasons
  • Many relevant benchmarks (for campaigns) are available
  • Participating partners share data of the syndicated part of the research (for all markets)


The UEFA Champions League study has a worldwide scope and is conducted in 25 countries through online surveys. We conduct two measurements per year: in December after the Champions League group stage and in May/June after the final. Besides measuring impact of sponsorships, we also keep track of developments regarding consumer behaviour related to following Champions League.


We work on the UEFA Champions League Sponsoring Effectiveness Study with a dedicated and experienced team. The team is available throughout the entire year to help UEFA Champions League partners with evidence based insights and advice. We have regular face to face meetings with our clients and organise a yearly meeting with all partners.

Research objectives

The objective of the UCL sponsoring research programme is to give UCL partners insights in:

  • the evaluation of the sponsoring and activation around the UCL (awareness, sponsorfit, appreciation).
  • the impact of the UCL sponsoring on the key performance indicators of the brand
  • the impact among specific target groups within the general population of multiple countries (worldwide)

Set-up of the UEFA Champions League study in short

  • Method: Online study with two waves per year: December (after UCL group stage) and May/June (after UCL final).
  • Target audience: General population (18+) with a multi-stakeholder setup. For example: fans football, UCL followers, brand users, etc.
  • Worldwide scope: Multi-country approach, with currently 25 countries in the research. Other markets can be added on the request of (new) partners.
  • Sample size / fieldwork: Sample of minimal n=600 per country per wave, representative for gender and age.
  • One instrument for different partners: Different UCL partners can participate in the study. The questionnaire consists of a block of syndicated questions (general set-up) and bespoke questions per sponsor (custom set-up).
  • Deliverables: Blauw presents the results after each season. We deliver an online reporting tool, including topline country reports and an overall report including all countries.

Global sponsorship research

Blauw has a great deal of experience in the field of international sponsorship research. We conduct similar studies in Formula 1 and Formula E and work for clients like Aston Martin, Volvo and Nissan.

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