What is the users' experience of the new design of Rabobank's IkGaStarten website?

Customer Experience

IkGaStarten, Rabobank's knowledge platform for people starting a business, is getting a new visual identity and website. The current website uses many of the elements of former Rabobank house styles and is being given a revamped design in accordance with new brand guidelines. The fact that the current website has the Rabobank look has had a positive effect on the lead funnel in recent years: many visitors also come to Rabobank.nl via IkGaStarten. Nonetheless, Rabobank has chosen to give the website a stronger individual identity in future. This will still incorporate many visual elements that make the link with Rabobank 'logical'. The big question is: does this new design have a positive impact on the user experience of the new IkGaStarten website?

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User Experience Survey website

Rabobank wanted to be certain that the new look and features did not detract from the current performance while, at the same time, finding pointers to improve it. The aim was to enable IkGaStarten to provide those starting a new business with sound information and inspiration, now and in the future. And for the Rabobank lead funnel to keep functioning effectively, despite the visual identity changing.

In order to find this out, Blauw tested the user experience (UX) of four different landing pages during a moderated on-line UX test with business people. Using the insights and results of the test, Rabobank knows what does and doesn't contribute to a good user experience.

We want to be certain that the new designs and features do not detract from the current performance or make users think twice before clicking on the link to rabobank.nl; at the same time we do, of course, want to see where there is room for improvement. In short, we wanted a lot. In the preliminary phase Blauw helped us on the way by framing the test, and their critical questions about how specific buttons should work provided a fresh perspective for the project team with which we overhauled IkGaStarten.”
Margot van der Kroon Content Marketeer Rabobank

UX testing research questions

In order to be able to improve the user experience of the new website, the following questions were investigated:

  • What do users think about the new look & feel of the website; do they recognise that there is a link with Rabobank?
  • How do visitors to the website feel about the amount of content?
  • How do users feel about the new functionalities on the website?
  • How do users feel about the landing from IkGaStarten to the Rabobank website?

Explaining the behaviour of participants with a moderated UX test

In order to be able to give an answer to the research questions, we put forward clickable prototypes to people starting a business on one day during user testing. In a moderated user test we go into an issue in depth with the user asking further questions to get to the essence, where relevant. In that way you can get a good idea of the product concept, the experience in relation to the content and the experience with the landing on the Rabobank website. In addition, we can discover how users use the new functions and whether or not they run into problems when using the new functionalities.

The business people were sent 'veiled' invitations for this study. That is to say that they did not know in advance that the context was a study for Rabobank. In this way, we were able to prevent respondents from familiarising themselves with the subject in advance and bringing prior knowledge to the study. We first showed the various participants the different landing pages alternately. In this way we can test whether Rabobank's aims for each page are on target, and we can get an idea of the extent to which the page on which someone lands has an influence on the experience of the website.

During the interviews, Rabobank could sit in on all the interviews anonymously and pass on specific questions for the relevant participant to us. In addition, we had a short 'debrief' with Rabobank after each interview to discuss the key insights and to determine the focus for the following interview. In this way we can easily change course during the study and ensure that all questions and assumptions on the part of the client are answered.

What is a moderated UX test?

Moderated UX testing is a method of studying the user experience of a product (digital or otherwise) using an interviewer. The moderated UX tests can be carried out in person (at our offices or in the work setting, where a moderator can observe the user interactions and the participant's body language), or remotely (via a videocall, in which the moderator asks the participants to share their screen views).

Benefits of moderated UX testing

Moderated tests are good for gathering qualitative feedback. You use them to find the answer to "Why?" questions, such as "Why did participants interact in a specific way with a product?" or "Why do users experience a problem when using a function?". For that reason, it is particularly worthwhile to carry out a moderated UX test if a team is working on a product concept and wants to explore several different solutions. And in the case of large-scale alterations to existing designs, it is more useful to do a moderated UX test first.

The overhaul of IkGaStarten is a high-tempo project; the website construction phase was scheduled to begin almost immediately after the testing. The rapid reporting and the clear overview provided by Blauw in the debrief allowed us to set our priorities for construction of the new website straight away; such as which features had priority and how they should work.”
Margot van der Kroon Content Marketeer Rabobank

What did Rabobank learn from this UX test?

At the end of the test day we discussed initial insights with the content marketers, interaction designer and UX designer of Rabobank. Then Blauw summarised the main insights and pointers in a practical report.

This gave Rabobank an in-depth insight into the comprehensibility and user-friendliness of the new functionalities, the navigation, the lay-out and the design of the various landing pages. The visual report helps Rabobank to validate the choice for specific design options and gives them concrete pointers for optimisation of the new website's user experience.

The new website will be on-line later this year.

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