ABN AMRO Wallet: research during product development

Product Development

Developing a new project is a long job. It begins with an idea, the product is under development for a while and yet you have to make sure it meets your customer's wishes and requirements. Wishes which are often continually changing.

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Target group research during product development

ABN AMRO developed a new app, the Wallet, for contactless payment using your mobile phone. Blauw carried out months of research for them into customer feedback in order to get answers directly from the target group to questions such as:

· How do customers register?

· Is the app user-friendly?

· What features are missing?

A panel + community research = a golden combination

Blauw set up a panel of over 2000 customers and selected 200 members from that panel for the community. The panel works via a special app. Using Upinion you ask questions and receive answers immediately. So this is true real time research. An online platform was built for the community.

Using this method you actually carry out 2 studies in 1.

You have A: a large target group for which you spend a maximum of one hour analysing what they think of something. This provides a great deal of statistical insight.

And B: a community for which obtaining greater depth is possible by continuing to ask questions on a particular subject. Customers can also introduce subjects, so you hear what is really important to them.

For clients it is an open, clear form of research. During the research, ABN AMRO could also view the results from the Upinion app and the community. This is fantastic for the client and for the study participants. For example, ABN AMRO could respond immediately if study participants had a technical question.

Research that fits in with your organisation's processes

Blauw responds easily to the customer's rhythm. With ABN AMRO we discussed all of the developments on a weekly basis every Wednesday (both from ABN AMRO and from the research), so that there were 2 days to address action points and so new questions could be asked every Monday.

This approach is flexible and has yet another advantage.

The research is easy to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. For example if there is a relevant news item you can immediately adapt the research to include that.

Do you want to know if your product meets the wishes of your customer?

Research Consultant Dori van Rosmalen can tell you more. “The interaction between panel and community is an absolute added value to a long and drawn out process like product development. It works in 2 ways. You are in direct contact with your target group for swift insights and the community provides greater depth. But you can also test whether new subjects are of interest to the entire group."