Consumer products

The market for consumer products is undergoing many challenges. As an organisation, you want to maintain your strong position and build on it, which requires the formulation of a strategy to which innovation and sales channels are central. Because innovation plays a major role, you must therefore consistently ask the question: how do we remain relevant and retain our customer? And how do we make optimum use of the (new) sales channels which exist?

We help manufacturers and retailers to achieve a customer-focused approach, effective communication with the market and the successful development of new products and services. Market research provides fundamental insight into consumer behaviour.

The right input for successful innovation

With actionable insight and foresight we provide direction to the development and evaluation of new and existing products. We do so by involving the customer in the process as early as possible, for example with the aid of Foresight Streaming, which provides insight into target groups, main drivers and attitudes. But also by analysing where latent demands exist and how they can be responded to.

Insight into orientation and decision-making processes

As a provider of consumer products, you want to connect to the consumer selection process and to know how you can reach your target group during its purchase process, both on- and offline. Blauw helps you to analyse the orientation and decision-making process, as a result of which you can obtain a true picture of all the considerations consumers have surrounding the purchase of your product. To do so we use a Path-to-Purchase study.

Blauw helps to fully chart the orientation and decision-making process of your consumers. We have been able to perform various types of market research in consumer products. We work for the following brands:

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