As an energy supplier, how do you stay relevant and make sure you don't lose customers along the way?

The energy market is constantly changing. New technologies and the limited shelf life of fossil fuels are increasing calls for renewable energy sources and energy conservation.

We help energy suppliers achieve a customer-centric approach, effective communication with the market and successful development of new products and services. What would it mean for your business if you managed to retain customers and attract new ones?

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Customer Research: Understanding satisfaction, loyalty and retention

Since the privatization of the energy market, the battle for the customer has been in full swing. And thanks to digitalization, the customer has more and more insight into what the market has to offer. Numerous comparison sites explicitly point out to him the advantages of switching to the competitor. The challenge for suppliers is to still retain this customer and reduce churn.

  • Market research provides fundamental insight into consumer behavior, and our Customer Experience surveys provide insight into satisfaction, loyalty and retention.
  • For example, through Customer Journey studies, we map out the moments and ways you can make a difference for the customer.

Communication research: improving positioning and communication

Energy suppliers do not differ much from each other in basic terms; after all, they all supply the same product: energy. A consumer notices practically no difference between gas from supplier A or from supplier B.

Do you want to stand out from the rest as an energy supplier?

Brand and communication have a huge impact on your distinctiveness.

  • Communication research is central to determining its effectiveness. We help energy companies improve customer communication by testing communication messages, measuring effects of media deployment or evaluating sponsorships.

We do this by combining conventional (qualitative and quantitative) methods with innovative implicit measurement methods, such as face reading and association techniques.

‍MarketingStrategy and Product Development: understanding target audiences, drivers and attitudes

Energy companies are always working on new product-market combinations. And for good reason.

What does it pay off when you are able to retain customers long-term by offering new products and services?

Examples include the smart thermostats that vendors have launched in the market, or innovative collaborations with stores from other industries.

Blauw helps energy suppliers guide the development and evaluation of new and existing products. We do this by involving the client as early as possible in the process, for example by providing insight into target groups, motives and attitudes. But also by mapping out where latent needs lie and how these can be met.

Do you also want to do research in the energy industry?

Pascal Den Hertog
Research Consultant Communications
Pascal Den Hertog