Customer satisfaction survey (KTO).

Customer satisfaction survey (KTO).

Getting started with concrete areas of improvement? That's possible with smart customer satisfaction research.

Learn from customer feedback and grow as an organization. That is the mission, but how do you do it? How do you continuously collect and analyze customer feedback in the most efficient way? How do you set priorities and determine action points to make the customer experience and processes more consistent?

Read on to learn how our passionate Blauw experts are happy to help you set up the customer satisfaction survey (KTO).

Customer satisfaction survey KTO Blauw Research
Customer satisfaction survey (KTO).

To measure customer satisfaction, we develop smart analyses and tools that collect customer feedback and provide insight via an online dashboard. This allows you as an organization - or employee - to see at a glance what concrete actions you can take to improve services and customer processes. That sounds very efficient, doesn't it?

Approach to customer satisfaction research

Our Blauw experts take a lot of work off your hands. But every organization and therefore every customer satisfaction survey is authentic, which is why we first discuss your questions and determine together which components will be covered in the survey. Setting up a KTO takes 2-3 weeks on average.

Step 1: Smartly set up customer feedback measurements

During a starter session, we first look at your organization's situation and our Blauw experts give advice based on that.

  • What level and which scores are best for your organization to measure?
  • Want to research a benchmark, customer relationship, customer journey or contact moment?
  • What measurement frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) is appropriate?

Measurement scores you can deploy include: CSAT (customer satisfaction), NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score). We then prepare a short questionnaire for your customers.

KTO survey Blauw Research

Customer Experience Pyramid

The ultimate customer experience consists of the perfect balance between three levels: emotion, convenience and function. Based on the Customer Experience Pyramid with these three levels of experience, our Blauw experts will work with you to develop a customized written questionnaire for the KTO, which you can use to effectively adjust the customer experience.

Root Cause Method

With the Root Cause Method we develop an online questionnaire with 4 questions. This results in concrete starting points, which you can use immediately to optimize the customer experience.

Optimal response

How do we ensure a high response rate to the questionnaire? We invite customers on the most appropriate channel with a personal message and a good questionnaire. This makes the survey easy and rewarding for customers.

Step 2: Set up dashboard for employees

Meanwhile, your customers fill out questionnaires structurally. Now what? We automatically collect and analyze all customer feedback. These insights then appear on an attractively designed digital dashboard, which we set up in a smart way for each team or employee. This allows you to track customer feedback at any time of day, in real time. How effective is that?

Dual Feedback Loop

We link the insights that appear on the dashboard to a Double Feedback Loop: we give attention to both strengths and areas for improvement. With one click, an employee can see and follow up individual customer feedback through the dashboard. This allows them to contact a customer directly to thank them for the feedback or to solve a problem. That leads to happy customers and employees!

Step 3: Prioritize customer insights

In steps 1 and 2, we set up a smart KTO together. But we can go one step further. Do you dare? In step 3, we perform a periodic deep dive analysis for you. With this, we help you prioritize based on customer insights from the ongoing research. This helps you understand which components are crucial to the customer experience. You will discover where the most improvement potential lies and how you can distinguish yourself as an organization. Are your fingers already itching to get started?

Deep dive analysis

Why should you commission a deep dive analysis? With a deep dive statistical analysis, you not only discover which drivers from the KTO have the most influence on the customer experience. With this you can immediately take actions to further optimize the customer experience. We also immediately sharpen the online questionnaire and dashboard where necessary.

Step 4: Activate employees

The research is running smoothly and you know exactly what actions your organization can take to optimize the customer experience. Then there is still a big challenge: activating employees. How do we help? Our Blauw experts organize an Action Plan workshop, during which we help employees get started with concrete improvement actions. If necessary, we can also give employees a push in the right direction with a callback training course in order to successfully follow up on individual customer feedback.

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Action Plan Workshop

What can you expect from an action plan workshop? Our Blauw experts will help your organization turn all the insights and set priorities from the previous steps into concrete action points and plans. First we present the most important customer insights to involved employees. This is followed by an idea generation workshop and we prioritize these ideas. From these, employees choose four or a few ideas, for which we develop an action plan. In the favorable case, employees pitch the action plans to a number of MT members. This creates additional commitment from the participants and helps make the plans a reality.

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