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The role of governments is undergoing a major redefinition. Policy officials, researchers and communications specialists within the public domain are facing profound trends and developments within the sector.

Society is changing to a participation society, in which everyone who can takes responsibility for their own lives and environment, without government help. Also, social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn play a central role in the network society.

Citizens' self-reliance and the multimedia society are developments to which governments must adjust their policies and services. Using various research methods, we offer insights to help shape and color your policy.

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Public domain

Blauw helps players within the public domain in an active and effective way

A retreating government means that many governments and implementing agencies face a challenging task. This calls for recalibrating responsibilities and their services. Policy is increasingly being developed in collaboration with the target group.

We help give the citizen, entrepreneur, road user, job seeker or taxpayer a voice and a face.

The public sector revolves around complex, challenging issues such as:

  • How do I educate more citizens with fewer resources?
  • What do citizens feel and what do they think should be the focal points of our policies?
  • How do I ensure that the weaker members of society can also file their tax returns?
  • Who will help me remind companies of their own responsibility?
  • How do I change from caregiver to facilitator?
  • How do you catch member signals and come up with ideas you might otherwise miss?
  • How can you improve your online communication with your target audience?

As you can see, there are many research methods available. From communities, group discussions, interviews, social media tracking to the familiar customer research.

"Blauw took us through the process well and time after time their added value was in the sharpness of their analyses and good ability to distinguish main and secondary issues."
Marloes Antheunis
Senior communications consultant

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Nicole Remmers
Research Consultant Communications
Nicole Remmers