Customer needs research

Customer needs research helps you get to know your customers better. And once you know what customers want, you can adjust your products or services accordingly. Customer needs research is often used when companies want to launch a new product or service. But it is also useful for discovering how to improve existing products/services.

It helps you identify the wishes and needs of your target audience and shows how you can add more value for the customer and gain a competitive edge. Customer needs research also provides tangible insight into your best positioning strategy.

Customer needs research provides insight into:

  • the desires and needs of your target audience
  • your target audience’s behaviour in needs and buying situations
  • your market and competitors
  • the chance of success for your new product or service

It helps you answer countless questions concerning your product, service and brand, such as:

  • Which advert appeals the most to my target audience?
  • How recognisable am I as a brand?
  • In what buying/needs situations do customers think of my brand?
  • How will the market respond to my new product or service?
  • What features and functionalities do my customers find more/less important?
  • What is the market potential for the new product or service?
  • Where am I, as a brand, missing out on revenue?

Qualitative and quantitative needs research

There is no fixed approach to customer needs research. The best method depends on your questions and the target audience. Different types of qualitative and quantitative research are possible:

  • Interviews: one-to-one interviews centre on the individual respondent, you can ask more probing questions and pick up non-verbal signals.
  • Group discussions with focus groups: in a group session, respondents can respond to each other and brainstorming sessions can be held to generate new insights and ideas.
  • Online quantitative research: an online questionnaire helps you collect numerical insights. We often use this method to validate the insights obtained from interviews/group discussions.
  • Online Research Community: access to our Blauw Community enables you to ask your customers for continuous input/feedback.

Customer behaviour and motivations provide an important basis for our customer needs research, but we also look ahead to the future. By asking targeted questions in surveys and using special tools, we can connect information from diverse sources. Accurate analysis and interpretation then enable us to pinpoint your customers’ needs in the near future.