Brand Asset Monitor

Being strongly recognizable is of great importance, is what Byron Sharp concludes in his How Brands Grow books. In order to stand out as a brand, in stores or in advertisements, it is important to build strong memory structures. Memory structures that are broad, wide branched and strong. Within these networks, there are junctions that are called brand assets. Issues that make people think about (or lead towards) your brand. According to the studies of the Ehrenberg Bass Institute, that is what strong brands have in common: distinctive brand assets (DBAs). Such as logo, color, font style, slogan and jingle.

Measuring your Brand Assets

The distinctive brand assets (DBAs) of your brand should remain as constant as possible. However, there are certain circumstances that require a refocus. For example a company takeover, a merger, an innovation, an extension or regulations concerning packaging. These are moments in which a proper diagnose is necessary, in order to make the right decisions. Besides, it is healthy to constantly check on the strength of the DBAs. Because a whole series of small iterations can have large consequences for the long term strength of DBAs.

The Brand Asset Monitor

With the Brand Asset Monitor, we research the strength of the brand assets of your brand and what should happen per asset. You will get an insight in two metrics:

  • Fame: the extent to which the concerning DBA is implicitly linked to your brand
  • Uniqueness: the extent to which that DBA is linked to your brand only

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