Brand Power Booster

You want to be ahead of your competitors. Preferably by subconsciously influencing the purchasing behavior of customers, because that puts you right at the forefront.


But which associations and emotions are important? And most importantly, how do you make these work?

We understand the step by step process to build your brand and that once in a while you’re able to take a growth leap with a new set of insights.

We often have made such a jump, with many brands already. Together with their marketers and researchers, we have found relevant associations and emotions to build on.

With the Brand Power Booster we determine your brand strength and growth potential (Brand Funnel Scan) and we provide practical insights for growth with which you unconsciously influence purchasing behavior with more success.

Brand Strategy, Brand Management


Ad hoc

Based on sample NL18+

Call us for an intake interview, you may expect to have results within four weeks.