Brand tracking research

Using this brand tracker, we can measure in a targeted way to give you very practical and usable output and advice to grow your brand. Following our research, you can get straight to work on achieving the growth of your brand. This method of monitoring brand growth is linked to the vision of Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow. It is a vision of brand growth which is radically different to what you are accustomed and differs from established growth models.

No more looking at the future through a crystal ball

The classic brand tracker is based on forecast behaviour. To do this you ask your consumers to look into the future and predict what brands they consider for product a or b. But literature (for example Kahneman System 1 and 2) increasingly shows that people are not able to do this very well i.e. that what people think they are going to do in the future is a poor prediction of their actual behaviour.

Our new brand tracker is based on actual behaviour. When a product is purchased, we then ask questions about the brand and what people think of the product. This enables people to answer questions better and more accurately.

Analysing conscious choices

This new tool uses implicit measurement methods in place of rational measurement methods. People were previously given image statements about which they could make informed comments, for example about whether they thought a brand suited them. Our measurement method reveals intuitive, more subconscious thoughts. A time indicator is also a new element. The quicker a consumer is able to link two things, the stronger the connection in the brain. The quicker you respond, the stronger the link in the grain, the stronger the memory structure surrounding a brand.

We have produced a white paper on our How Brands Grow approach to brand tracker research. Would you like to download it? Go to this page.

Methods we use in brand tracker research are:

Our clients

We have developed our brand new tracking research on the basis of experience in customer relations projects for:


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