CEPs Power Recce

Claiming the category drives sales of your brand. The use of category entry points is also effective, when your brand claims the relevant moments when the category is thought of.


Of course you know at which moments which buyers think of your category. Although that list may still lack the richness of answers when questioned well among real buyers.

We understand that you don't have the time to figure all this out yourself. And that your research colleagues may not have enough experience with this specific qualitative research.

In our practice we often see how important qualitative exploration is for greater impact. By broadening and deepening you'll strengthen your lead position and take more advantage of new opportunities.

We find the answers with focus groups, but also with online qualitative research using research communities. Results can be applied immediately and also are used to enrich quantitative studies.




Based on sample NL18+

Call us for an intake interview, you may expect to have results within four weeks.