Communicatie Pre test

The purpose of a communication pre-test is to measure the impact of your communication, in advance. The primary objective of any communication or advertisement is generally to encourage more people to opt for your brand, product or service.

By conducting a pre-test, you can determine in advance the extent to which your communication succeeds in creating attention, appreciation and understanding, and contributes to the intended communication objective. A communication pre-test can also help reveal potential opportunities for improvement.

A pre-test will give you answers to questions like:

  • Will our new packaging stand out when placed on the supermarket shelf?
  • What associations does our logo evoke among consumers?
  • Does our message appeal to the intended target group?

Pre-testing is a form of concept survey that provides an insight into how your communication scores with consumers in terms of understandability, credibility and the extent to which your message is prominent and distinctive in comparison with the competition.

When do you conduct a communication pre-test?

You can conduct a pre-test at various moments in the development phase:

  • Right at the start of the development phase to obtain on initial impression of your communication;
  • During the development process, after one or more concepts have been evolved;
  • At the end of the process, when your communication is ready to be introduced, as a final prelaunch check with your target group.

Implicit effects of communication studies

The emotional impact of your communication plays an important role in triggering people to take action, for example to purchase your product. Blauw employs a variety of study methods that expose those implicit effects.

  • FaceReading: this method provides an insight into the emotions your campaign evokes. In FaceReading, a computer uses a webcam to analyse the emotions displayed by the viewer, scene by scene. This makes it possible to optimise your campaign, at detail level.
  • Implicit Association Test (IAT): in combination with FaceReading, we can also use an IAT during the pre-test phase. This ‘reaction time task’ identifies the extent to which certain memories or associations are evoked, and the strength of connection with the brand, service or topic.

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